With over a decade of experience in video production, from cinematography to every step of post production, I have accumulated an unusually broad scope of expertise, and understanding of the needs and concerns of clients.   As an autodidact, my unique career path has dictated the constant need to expand skill-sets, grow, and learn new methodologies for adaptation to the rapidly changing digital media landscape.  Today I am proud to deliver an upper echelon level of execution both behind the camera, as well as in all aspects of post-production–from editing, to audio mixing and sound design, color grading, and motion graphics.  The one thing I hold true is that the size of the budget does not reflect the size of importance or attention to detail.    

When researching portfolios it can be difficult to gauge the exact role a videographer or producer played in a project, and how much of that hinged on the final product that you are reviewing.  I am quite pleased to include only projects where the final example you see is indicative wholly, or primarily of my skills and workmanship overall (production, camera work and cinematography, motion graphics, and post-production, or any combination thereof).



Premiere Pro CC
After Effects CC
Illustrator CC
Photoshop CC
Motion Graphics & Titling
Advanced Timelapse Techniques
Slow Motion Video Capture
3-axis Gimbals & Motion Stabilizers
Cranes and Jibs
Audio Capture, Mixing & Design



MD Helicopters | We Are Makers

No Errors | Sports Accessories

Pilotlight Media | Creative Ignition

MD Helicopters | MD 530G

Ferrari 458 Italia | Studio Rental Commercial

Steve Rude | Nexus

The Drifted | Extreme Sports Lifestyle Film

Rally Fighter | Daily Driver

MD Helicopters | Fresno Sheriff

Dan Gurney | Motor Sport Hall of Fame

Scuderia Southwest | Concours in the Hills

MD Helicopters | 600N Superstition Mountains

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